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Watch every #selfie posted on Instagram in real-time

Posted on Friday, 11 April by

A Selfeed Selfie

At the time of writing, there have been 98,057,958 posts on Instagram tagged with #selfie. That’s a lot. Probably too much. But ignoring that fairly incomprehensible stat for a second, why don’t we make use of this global phenomena/pandemic and make fun of the participants offering themselves up for our biased judgement.

Even devoted self-portraiture fans are going to struggle with this one though: a website updated in real-time of every post to Instagram tagged with #selfie. That’s right, all of them.

Created by a group of artists Tyler Madsen, Erik Carter, and Jillian Mayer, the site runs an endless stream of photos immediately after a user posts, with each image appearing for less than a second. After a while, the recognisable selfie traits begin to emerge: the tilted head, the duck lips, the inordinate lack of self awareness.

Speaking to Time, the creators of Selfeed said: “we created it because we wanted it to exist”. Right, what else? “We enjoy the constant flow of selfies and find it incredibly hypnotic and fascinating.” Bit creepy. They go on to say: “the site is supposed to exist neutrally”.

Most of the selfies that are aggregated are self-portraits with one singular figure. On Selfeed, these figures exist alone, but together.”

You can get as theoretical as you like guys, but that isn’t going to change just how damn weird some of the photos that are being beamed to my computer screen are.


Either way, take a look for yourself: Selfeed.com

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Lewis Scrafton
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