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Sunday, 29 January

COMMENT: Will censorship affect Twitter?

On Thursday Twitter announced its new ability to withhold content from users country by country, while still making ...

Tuesday, 17 January

COMMENT: MySpace TV – The Future?

Last week it was revealed by singer/songwriter/actor and now MySpace’s co-owner Justin Timberlake that the ...

Tuesday, 3 January

COMMENT: Google Zeitgeist 2011 – Year In Review

Any reflective video involving a rose tinted look over the year is going to be skewed to be positive. Despite some ...

Tuesday, 20 December

COMMENT: Brooker does it again with Black Mirror

It gets to December every year and suddenly we are inundated by end of year Christmas specials on TV. We are forced ...

Monday, 12 December

COMMENT: Twitter’s Year in Review

At the end of each year, television, radio and magazines take us through the highlights of what happened. Now, ...