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British Red Cross and Art Against Knives launch #ArtsForFirstAid campaign

Posted on Tuesday, 1 April by

The British Red Cross has joined forces with Art Against Knives to create three short films that are designed to raise the awareness of the life-saving first aid skills required in the aftermath of a knife attack.

The real-life stories of three young Londoners have been turned into animated shorts for #ArtsForFirstAid, which were produced by a team that included 16 young people. As well as pushing the importance of first aid, the project provided on-the-job training with creative professionals for individuals from communities who have been affected by knife crime.

Chris – who has a story that’s been featured in one of the short films – has said:

You never think it could happen to you, but I was stabbed, and I think everyone should
watch these films and learn what to do. If my friend hadn’t known some basic first aid and
helped me out, I might not be here now.”

Art Against Knives was created following the unprovoked stabbing of Oliver Hemsley, a 21-year-old art student. The organisation now works with at-risk young people living in areas of London affected by knife crime.

Last year 3,849 people attended A&E following an assault with a sharp object and 1497 (over a third) of those admitted were aged 15-24.

Find Art Against Knives on Facebook.

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Corey Pellatt
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