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WATCH: Russell Brand tells Jon Snow he still wants a revolution

Posted on Friday, 14 February by

Does parliamentary democracy work? That’s the conundrum Russell Brand and Jon Snow attempted to reach a conclusion on last night on Channel 4.

Brand was back in his usual unrepentant form, poking away at Snow whilst Channel 4′s man attempted to “probe” the “revolutionist” on matters of drug law, climate change and Brand’s belief that politics is dead.

Snow has good reason to “probe” too as Brand’s now working with an MP, Caroline Lucas (former leader of the Green Party) and is attempting to get drug law debated in the house of commons by way of a petition, surely he himself is admitting that the current political system does in fact work?

Unsurprisingly, Brand refutes this claim and suggests the petition, which now has over 100,000 signatories, is in fact a small advance and the first stage to changing something is to “address we have a problem”.

Snow continued to badger the comedian on this though, which led to Brand’s best retort of the segment by saying from his own perspective when he comes out with his typical: “I don’t like how things are” – that politicians and journalists always respond by asking him to immediately come up with an entirely new, democratic political system.

Snow and Brand do however start to imagine what this utopian parliament could look like though, with Brand claiming he’s not the tech-genius to come up with the invention but that “a truly democratic electronic voting system would allow us a nation of referenda, where we address equality.”

Russell Brand Jon Snow

Watch the 15-minute clip from Channel 4 above.

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