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Glasgow University hires pug to reduce exam stress

Posted on Friday, 17 January by


If you’re the sort of student who feels the pressure when it comes to exam season, perhaps you’ll wish you were learning at Glasgow Caledonian University where a pug has been recruited to help create a relaxing environment for students.

The student union’s wellbeing association – which is charged with the duty of keeping students in a healthy and happy state – reeled in a pug called Hank for two hours before a high-stakes exam. Anyone who was hot under the collar could cuddle up to Hank to put things back into perspective.

Speaking to stv.tv, Sinead Wylie, head of Glasgow Caledonian’s wellbeing association, said:

Hank was incredibly popular. It was a great success. It was the novelty of it, and he is so cute, nobody could resist him. Having Hank in was just another way of helping students. It was great to have something fun happening on campus.”

Around 70 students turned up for the ‘Hug a Pug’ day, which was held at the university as part of a stress-busting day. The students’ union also handed out water and a stress management leaflet but an exams workshop – the most reasoned response to exam stress – was attended by no-one.

Sinead continued: β€œIt is exam time and everyone is getting really stressed out and studies have shown that animals can help to reduce stress and improve your mental health. Obviously it is not a long-term fix, but it can really help to just take a bit of time out and do something fun.”

It’s all a bit barking mad.

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Corey Pellatt
22-year-old editor of SQ Magazine and Media Studies student at the University of Sussex. Freelance writer for clients including BHAFC.

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