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Students working harder with higher fees, study says

Posted on Monday, 23 September by


New research has suggested that the stereotypical party-loving student could be dead. According to the National Student Housing Survey, students are working harder than ever before as they try to make the most of a university experience that now costs up to £9,000.

The survey polled more than 20,000 students between February and May of this year and the statistic that has got people talking more than most is the decrease in the number of students who claim to enjoy socialising with their friends in accommodation, which stands at only 54% compared with 62% from last year.

Furthermore, only 63% of those surveyed said that they had formed close friendships in accommodation, down by 4% from 2012. The assumption that students are now knuckling down was also backed up when only 36% believing there to be a strong sense of community among students.

The findings from the National Student Housing Survey supports evidence from university affiliated institutions that indicated the first wave of students to be accepted with £9,000 fees are working harder as a result of higher individual investment. Nightclubs and bars in university towns have reported drops in takings, while complaints about noise disturbances by neighbours have also reduced.

Tim Daplyn, the author of the report, has said:

What we’re seeing is an acceleration of a trend that began a few years ago, where students prioritise study over the social aspects of university. Whilst some may feel this is long overdue, many will be concerned about the evident changing character of student accommodation and student life in general.”

Students are certainly taking university far more seriously and appear to be more demanding about the services that they receive and pay a high price for. The report adds that satisfaction levels amongst students dropped significantly last year, with only 26% of residents claiming to be “very satisfied” with their accommodation.

Read the full National Student Housing Survey here.

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Corey Pellatt
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