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Students create drink to finally cure ‘kebab breath’

Posted on Friday, 23 August by


There’s every chance that at least once this coming Freshers’ Week, you’re going to indulge in a doner kebab – the unrivalled early morning delicacy that rounds off a student night out better than anything else.

As great as that sounds, there’s always been a downside – the taste of your breath the very next morning, afternoon and if it’s really potent, even the next night. Now though, thanks to the work of a team of students in Germany, our first world problem could be solved.

Two students, Jan Plewinski and Roman Will, formulated their plan while drinking in a pub but after originally trying a recipe that included parsley, cloves and ginger they found little success:

We wanted to become independent. We researched online what natural products fight bad breath but the first batch tasted like soup with old socks.”

However the duo persisted and called on 27-year-old science student Tobias Blake for help, who came up the final concoction of parsley, ginger, mint, tea and lemon. Parsley is often chewed to banish bad breath and so far, the signs are good.


Branding their product ‘Papa Turk’, the trio have just finished a trial period at a kebab shop in Bielefeld, Germany and are now facing a nationwide order of over 10,000 bottles to takeaway joints across the country.

Students will be demanding Papa Turk arrives in the UK sooner rather than later.

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Corey Pellatt
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