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Dave In Charge: the ‘world’s worst rapper’ is nothing but a heartbreaking spoof

Posted on Tuesday, 1 April by

Dave In Charge is the name that’s taken UK hip-hop by storm in the past seven days, with his ‘Habitat’ video racking up almost 70,000 hits and coverage from every newspaper in the land. But is it too good to be true?

Billed as a conscious rapper from Golders Green, London – who just happens to be the grandson of Liberal Democrat Lord Monroe Palmer – Dave In Charge has already raised eyebrows. That’s before we even mention that he ‘understands life in the ghetto’ and was inspired by Eminem at a Year 6 school disco.

It sounds ridiculous but it’s fair to say Dave In Charge has picked up a lot of steam…

Mail Dave In Charge

While Dave In Charge – real name David Palmer – has got the press in a whirl with lyrical content that he claims “upsets the status quo”, he has history in spoof hip-hop. In 2010, Dave joined forces with his friends Daniel Black and Max Donen to form ‘Never Speechless’, a trio with a passion for straight cut jeans and yellow Fiat hatchbacks.

Dave In Charge Never Speechless

Apparently, Never Speechless was so successful that the group even received royalty payments on the back of plays from YouTube and local radio.

David A Palmer

Dave In Charge

Despite the blatant mockery of hip-hop culture and an openness in admitting the group’s true intentions on personal Facebook posts, the official biography of Never Speechless is presented in a serious tone and legitimises the group to an outsider.

The Dave In Charge biography is of a similar tone and puts over the idea of him as a well-respected, authentic “conscious rapper”. Isn’t it possible that Dave’s following the same tactics as before?

Can we really take him seriously? Argh, me thinks not matey…

Dave In Charge (Pirate)

On Twitter, Dave In Charge is doing his best to put up the same serious – if slightly deluded front – that made his act so successful in Never Speechless and the new ‘Habitat’ video.

He’s Dave In Charge…because, you know, he’s “in charge”. Get it?

And any rapper that says they’ve been inspired by Example can’t ever be taken seriously.

But despite all this, the mainstream media still can’t get enough of Dave In Charge…

Is Dave In Charge really the world’s worst rapper or the internet’s best ever prankster?

Do you think Dave In Charge is a serious rapper?

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