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WATCH: A Lib Dem peer’s grandson is a rapper from the Hampstead ‘ghetto’

Posted on Friday, 28 March by

Rappers aren’t normally associated with being grandsons of Lords and growing up in leafy suburbia, but 25-year-old David Palmer, under the pseudonym Dave in Charge, is set to break those misconceptions.

A Leeds Met Business studies graduate and the grandson of veteran Liberal Democrat politician Lord Palmer of Childs Hill, David cites himself as a conscious UK rapper, taking inspiration from the likes of Eminem, Macklemore and Mike Skinner of The Streets.

Currently residing in the streets of Hampstead, a village that has more millionaires within its boundaries than any other area of the United Kingdom, David expresses he does in fact ‘understand the ghetto’ thanks to being surrounded by politics from such a young age.

Speaking to the Hampstead & Highgate Express, David said:

I discovered rap from a young age. I think it was probably during my Year 6 disco at school that I first heard The Real Slim Shady – that made me want to check out rap music a bit more.

“As I was brought up with politics all around me, I seemed to understand what was going on.”

“While a lot of people may be alienated by the political situations, I felt that I was able to understand the American ghetto situations because I had the political background.”

To date, David has released two tracks Habitat and Screw Valentines Day and describes himself as someone who “grips your attention with epiphanies and sentiments as he unravels what we take for granted”.

Dave In Charge

Dave In Charge 1

Dave In Charge 2

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Lyrics for Habitat by Dave In Charge

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