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Track of the Week: Salt Ashes – Little Dove

Posted on Friday, 7 March by

Salt Ashes – Little Dove

I’ve long held an obsession with b-sides and rarities. These misfits aren’t always suitable for an album instead lurking on the back of singles like an unloved child peeping round the edges of family photo. And here we have a brooding b-side from Salt Ashes that will probably end up being the forgotten child. So let’s give it some love.

The brainchild behind the dark atmospherics is Veiga Sanchez. While the a-side is dancefloor-ready and bursting with vitality, ‘Little Dove’ is more considerate. You’re more interested in getting to know it rather than just jumping straight in. And as you delve deeper, developing within you is an appreciation for the dense bass and auroral melodies that hangs like a heavy fog.

If you like 80s electronica smeared in murky textures, this little b-side will satisfy with ease.

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