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Track Of The Week: A Lily – The Sparrow In The Lemon Tree

Posted on Friday, 21 February by

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A Lily is the solo project of James Vella (of Yndi Halda and Saint Coltrane) and this is the opening track of his Lupa EP released at the tail-end of last year.

A Lily sees Vella step away from the rocky edges of his previous endeavors into a blissful world of pacifying folk. It’s not wonder then that Brighton’s very own Love Thy Neighbour have also been enthralled by his captivating spell. No doubt, you will too.

Intricate instrumentation is considerately arranged in a manner that contrasts light and dark. But the organic and electronic elements aren’t in a conflict; it’s an intimate embrace more eye-opening than you could possibly imagine. And it draws you into its dreamy, head-spinning world. A world you yearn for.

This isn’t a track you listen to with indifference; it captures your attention with alarming warmth. Grab yourself a pair of headphones, find somewhere quiet and let A Lily hold you with his taste for soothing textures. A full-length album is imminent and we can’t wait.

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