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Gamers go potty for Wii 2 rumours

Posted on Tuesday, 19 April by

Throw your PS3′s out the window, put your 360′s in the attic and take the batteries out of your Wii remote for one last time. Buzz for a new Nintendo release is heightening as rumours intensify that they’re set to unveil the “Wii 2″ at this year’s E3 conference in June.

Nintendo’s first motion-controlled console was a huge hit since it’s release a few years back and it’s only sensible that they do something similar and turn it up a few notches, especially since Sony and Microsoft have done their best to replicate the Wii’s success with their own respective take on the concept.

There are rumours flying all over the place from gamers about just what the Wii 2 holds in store, some interesting and some not so much. Perhaps the most intriguing development is the plan to input a visual display in the Wii joypad, complete with touchscreen sensors. Enthused fans speculate that the screen will show extra game content, and also work independently from the console itself as a portable gaming device.

Add to that a few less interesting, but token, improvements and additions such as HD visuals and backwards compatibility with previous Nintendo consoles – you’ve got yourself a potentially decent machine.

Whether anyone will take serious notice of all this remains to be seen. To many, the first edition of the Wii was no more than a novelty. It shifted huge numbers of units all around the world – but do people STILL use them? Do you still use yours at anytime other than those rare family get-togethers? We doubt it.

The “Wii 2″ is scheduled for release in 2012 with the official unveiling set to take place at E3 between 7-9 June.

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Corey Pellatt
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