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The columnist with a tongue as sharp as his pencil, Muhammad Ali, takes a look at the role the Murdoch empire is taking in today’s British Media.

With musicians such as Lily Allen arguing against the closure of BBC 6 Music, through the medium of The Guardian, the fight to stop the BBC slowly but surely diminishing its credibility and devaluing of fee payers is now a national topic, hot on the tongues of every individual with an opinion.

The first ‘outing’ of these closures was last week, when Patrick Foster of The Times had written an article discussing the cuts proposed by the ever expanding BBC. This included and applied to radio stations BBC 6 Music and BBC Asian Network, whilst also vowing to close BBC Switch and Blast. The corporation also proposed heavily reducing spending on imported American programmes whilst shutting off half of its internet activity.

What does this mean for us, the fee payers and viewers? Well, the BBC has stated that with the stopping of all these services, it will save the organisation hundreds of millions of pounds, where then it can focus on “producing the best journalism in the world; inspiring knowledge, culture, music; ambitious UK drama and comedy; outstanding children’s content; and events of universal resonance.” But this can be only taken at a superficial viewpoint.

The shutting down of BBC 6 Music will restrict the lovers of meaningful, thought provoking music from both the known and unknown acts, something which is scarce in this present day. Instead, listeners would be propelled into a world of sex fuelled, commercial music evident on stations such as Radio 1, leaving the 6 Music listeners clearly out of their comfort zone.

Doing the same to the Asian Network will dramatically and inappropriately snatch away one of the rare national radio stations that the significant British Asian population lend their ear to. This is all because cuts have to be made and the Asian Network is under-performing, similarly to 6 Music, showing any disregard to the listeners who then would have a right to perceive themselves as being ignored and unimportant in relation to the BBC’s broadcasting channels.

Murdoch clearly abhors the BBC’s expansion into the internet, television and radio…

The closure of BBC Switch and Blast will also take away a FREE platform for teenagers in this country to propel themselves and reach their potential, which is something that is all so relevant in recent times with knife, gun and gang crime being “rife”. Surely the closure of these services will perpetuate the “endemic” of unruly teenagers who become frustrated due to the lack of creative outlets.

But who’s the real culprit behind all of these closures and cuts? James Murdoch. The son of the infamous Rupert Murdoch, James (alongside his father) clearly abhors the BBC’s expansion into the internet, television and radio, once claiming that the organisations rapid expansion is similar to that of the Ebola virus. This attitude and viewpoint alongside the fact that the Murdoch owned News Corporation, who funnily enough own the most popular newspaper in the country, The Sun, has led to the heavy cuts from the BBC.

This is due to the fact that in recent months The Sun has switched its political allegiance from Labour to Conservatives, overnight. This was done by Rupert Murdoch as it’s likely to financially benefit him, due to the fact that David Cameron is likely to win the next election, therefore creating an ally, resulting in both parties serving each others interests. This is already evident as the Conservatives have threatened to impose heavy cutbacks if they come into power. Therefore, in the best interest of the BBC, it would be better to suffer a little pain now to avoid a lot of pain later, as written by The Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland.

Consequently, the BBC is most likely going to proceed with the closure BBC 6 Music, BBC Asian Network, BBC Switch and Blast, alongside heavily reducing its American imports and internet services, whilst not forgetting the job losses. Nevertheless, although the BBC essentially say it may seem unfortunate and disregarding of them now, the future will hold greater things for our listening and viewing pleasure. In reality however, there is only one question to be asked, are you ready for the expansion of the Murdoch dictatorship?

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