Last Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Apple Company has released an update that is major for iPhone owners in India as well as other markets. Apple Company has released its iOS 15.4 updates for iPhone users, allowing them to unlock their devices using Face ID, even while wearing masks. The recent update also includes new Emojis. Furthermore, the brand new iPadOS 15.4 update was released along with one of the most notable features of the latest iPadOS upgrade, which includes Universal Control that allows iPhone users to use one mouse, trackpad, or keyboard to work between their devices.

The recently released update for Apple devices is available for free download. Let’s look at the brand new iPadOS 15.4 and iOS 15.4 features available for iPad and iPhone users.

iPadOS 15.4 Brings Universal Control

iPadOS 15.4 finally introduces Universal Control. It allows users to use only a keyboard and mouse and move across iPad and Mac to enjoy seamless experiences without any setup. The users can drag and drop content forth and back between the three gadgets. Suppose you use all your gadgets together most of the time and want to use Universal Control without connecting the two devices by using the cursor. In that case, you can configure them to use Universal Control continuously in System Preferences.

iOS 15.4 Features

iOS 15.4 is now accessible for download to any device compatible with iOS 15. The recent update can download through your iPhone’s Setting app. The users have to go to Setting-> General-> Software Update to download and install the latest iOS update. It is recommended to take a backup of your iPhone data before installing the new update. It also suggests that users download and install the latest update with a reliable WiFi connection.

The latest update will allow users to set up Face ID to enable them to access their iPhone even while wearing a mask. iPhone sensors will recognize the exclusive feature around the eye region to authenticate the Face ID. The Apple Pay service and password autofill facility in Safari web browser and applications may be used with the Face ID. The only devices that support the Face ID feature are iPhone 13 series and iPhone 12 series.

Apple has also released SharePlay, which lets users listen to music or watch videos with family and friends while on a FaceTime call together. The latest update also introduces 37 new emojis on the keyboard, including hand gestures, household items, and faces. Users can now select distinct skin tones for each hand while using the handshake emoji.

FaceTime:- The user can do SharePlay on FaceTime; for this user have to go to Settings->FaceTime->SharePlay and then click on the turn on button.

The user can start the SharePlay sessions directly from the compatible streaming applications.

Siri (Virtual Assistant):- Siri can provide date and time information while offline on iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, or newer model. Siri now comes with an additional voice, which expands the variety of options.

Vaccine cards:- COVID-19 vaccination cards are now available in Apple Wallet. It currently supports the EU Digital COVID certificate format.

The latest update also includes the following improvements for your iPhone:

  • The Podcasts app includes episode filters for various seasons, saved, played, downloaded, or unplayed episodes.
  • Safari webpage translation includes support for the Chinese and Italian (Traditional).
  • News provides enhanced discovery of audio content in the Today feed and the Audio tab.
  • iCloud custom email domains can be managed from the Settings.
  • Shortcuts now support removing, querying, adding tags with Reminders.
  • A camera in keyboards is a great tool to add text to Notes or Reminders.
  • The Settings for Emergency SOS have been changed to use Call with Hold for all users. Call with 5 Presses is accessible as an option in the emergency SOS settings.
  • Saved passwords now include your notes within Settings.
  • Closeup in Magnifier uses the ultra-wide camera on the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 to help you see small objects.