Last Updated: Jul 08, 2022


Small businesses depend on prompt payment of their invoices to keep a steady cash flow and cover their expenses. Paying your invoices on time can improve your company’s financial condition and simplify your accounting. Small business owners can use simple strategies to get clients to pay their invoices on time or before the due date. Small-business owners can use a few simple strategies to encourage their clients to pay their bills promptly or even earlier than the invoice due date. Also, it is essential to offer convenient payment options and be open to following up with the clients if the invoice becomes past due.

10 Important tips to get invoices paid quicker

In order to meet their own expenses, freelancers and small business need to get their invoices paid on time. Here are some crucial ways to get clients to pay quicker for your services.

#1. Create Simple and Clear Invoices

If you’re having difficulties getting clients to pay you on time, this could partly be due to your invoices. Your invoice design should be concise and clear. Make sure the style of your invoice is clear and concise. Invoices that are not clear and concise can cause delayed payments. Clients may be confused because the relevant information may not be easy to find on poorly designed invoices, resulting in them not paying their bills on time. Make sure your invoices contain all of the information your client requires in order to make a payment. It is essential to highlight the most crucial information, such as the amount due and the payment deadline.

#2. Request Prepayments or Deposits

Requesting a full payment or deposit before you start work on a project is one of the best ways to get paid faster and ensure that you receive payment. This is particularly useful and important for larger projects that can take many months to complete. Having a deposit amount will ensure that you have enough money to pay the various costs associated with the project, such as purchasing software or other materials. It will also help keep strong cash flow to cover your other business expenses.

#3. Set Clear Payment Terms in Advance

It is essential to clearly communicate your payment terms with your client in advance and clarify those conditions on your invoice. By doing this, you can ensure that your client knows exactly when payment is due and what penalties there are for late payments. You can make sure your client knows these details before you sign the project contract. This will make it less likely that they will misunderstand your payment terms and bill due date.

#4. Allow Automatic Payments

Allowing automatic payment options for your invoices is a great way to get paid faster and know when to receive project-related payments from the clients. Clients who choose automatic payments can have the amount due charged to their debit card or credit card on the same day every month, eliminating the need for them to lift a finger to pay you. This simplifies the process for both the client and you and removes uncertainty about when you will be paid for your job.

#5. Invoice Immediately

You will get paid faster if you send invoices quickly requesting payment for your job. It would be best to make it a habit of sending an invoice to your client immediately after the project is finished. You may even include the invoice with the final draught of the work. Not only will the bill be due sooner than if you waited until the next billing period, but the project will still be fresh in your client’s mind, prompting them to pay the balance owed as soon as possible. This makes it less likely that you make mistakes on the invoice, resulting in delayed payment.

#6. Offer Incentives

To encourage early payment, you can offer discounts on the invoice total or other rewards to your clients. This will enable clients to pay their bills on time. If the amount is paid within 10 days of the invoice date, you might offer a discount, as a 2% discount on the total cost. Although it may not save clients much money, it can show appreciation for their business and help you receive payment quickly.

#7. Accept Additional Payment Methods

Give your customers as many options for payment as your small business allows. Consider accepting mobile or online payments in addition to more traditional payment methods like credit cards and cash to broaden your payment methods. Allowing your consumers to choose from various payment options can make the entire process smoother and faster for them, which means you will get paid sooner.

#8. Follow Up on Late Payments

In order to get your invoices paid, it is essential to follow up with clients who have not paid their bills on time. You should not hesitate to follow up with clients if they have a past-due invoice. You should send a short reminder email to customers when an invoice becomes past due. Also, remind them of the payment options that you accept. You should continue to send reminders via phone and email at regular intervals until you receive payment.

#9. Enforce Late Fees

Incentives act as a carrot, while late fees act as a stick: You should charge late fees for unpaid invoices to encourage clients not to miss payment deadlines. In the payment terms section, state your late fee policy clearly. Also, it is a good idea to talk with clients about your late fee policy in detail before you begin working with them. This will ensure that there are no surprises later.

#10. Always Be Polite

It is essential to communicate politely with clients when following up on past due invoice payments and sending out new invoices. To show gratitude and make a good impression, include “thank you” and “please” words in your invoice. It is important to be polite and calm with your clients if they are late paying your bill. This will help you keep a positive and a good relationship with them and ensure that future work opportunities with the company don’t get ruined.


Small business owners can now manage their finances more efficiently than ever, thanks to payment technology. Nowadays, entrepreneurs across the globe broadly use online or mobile payment methods to pay their various projects and services bills.

Furthermore, the tips mentioned above include the most important ways you can help your clients to increase the speed at which they get paid. This will allow them to concentrate on what they do best: running their businesses.