Last Updated: Oct 10, 2022


Jailbreaking is very similar to rooting an Android device. We can simply alter iPhone built-in features by using jailbreaking. Has your iPhone been jailbroken? Great.

This article will discuss how to jailbreak iPhones.

It would be beneficial if you were amazed by the countless iOS Cydia applications you can download and install on your iPhone after jailbreaking. All of these applications can assist you with various tasks, and you can also add a number of features to your iPhone.

As we have already mentioned, Cydia tweaks are great for customizing iOS devices. After jailbreaking your iOs-running device, there are tons of pretty amazing things you can do with your iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

If you want to install the best Cydia applications for iOS, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. If you were using an official iPhone, you couldn’t accomplish this. After jailbreaking, you can modify the iPhone’s appearance, features, themes, working, etc.

The Top Cydia Applications  For iOS

#1. Activator

Have you thought of that feature in Android devices? Swiping with one finger will open a particular application. Another application is opened by double tapping. You can do this right now on your iPhone as well. Simply install the application “Activator.” Now users can easily assign various gestures for different applications. Additionally, it is one of the Best Cydia applications for iOs.



#2. Youtube++

This app is helpful for those who enjoy watching many videos on Youtube but want to avoid some annoying aspects of the default YouTube application, such as the ads that appear before every video. You can remove the ads that play before each video using this application.

Even when the Youtube++ application runs in the background, you can save all videos for offline viewing and listen to music. One of the most useful Cydia applications for iOS devices is this one.



#3. Reveal Menu

One of Apple’s most valuable features in iOS 9 is the iPhone 6S+ and 6S. If you hard pressed on any application in the app drawer, a sub-menu appears; it will offer different features of that specific application.

Users of the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, and 6 can also enjoy this feature by just installing the RevealMenu application.

Reveal Menu


#4. Settings

This application lets users delete stock functions from their iPhone’s control center. If you don’t use it for a specific purpose, you can swap it out for location services, personal hotspots, etc.

The most recent update of this application allows users to toggle Low Power Mode directly from the control center.



#5. QuickShoot Pro

Have you ever had the experience of wanting to take a picture of something and hastily opening the camera application, but by the time the camera app opens and loads, the subject disappears?

You then find yourself abusing your iPhone. Don’t worry. There is an application that will solve this issue. QuickShoot Pro significantly speeds up the process of accessing your camera by enabling you to instantly set a shortcut to take a photo without ever opening the Camera application. This is another best applications among the top Cydia Apps for iOS.

QuickShoot Pro


#6. Anemone

The greatest way to spice up the appearance of your iPhone is with an ‘anemone.’ You can customize your iPhone with a variety of themes by just downloading this application.

The Anemone application allows users to download and use a variety of customized icons.



#7. Untethered Hey Siri

Users of the iPhone 6S+ and 6s can activate Siri at any time simply saying, “Hey Siri,” but those who have older iPhone models cannot do so.

Older iPhone users can do so only when their iPhone is plugged into charging. Guys, don’t worry. Untethered Hey Siri applications allow users with any iPhone model to activate Siri anytime, just like iPhone 6S+ and 6s users.

Untethered Hey Siri


#8. HideMe8

The hideMe8 application allows users to customize many small things that can be annoying. You can enable or disable different icons in Control Center and easily hide icons on Lockscreen.

Users can remove different elements in the Notification Center or hide various stock iOs applications that they do not use.

HideMeX may soon be available in the Cydia Store.



#9. InstantTouchID

You must first press the home button on your iPhone and place your finger on the Touch ID sensor in order to unlock it. Nevertheless, Instant TouchID is available in the Cydia application for iOS that allows you to touch the Touch ID sensor with your finger to unlock your iPhone.

You don’t even need to wake up your iPhone before you do.



#10. iCleaner

Want to erase the cache and all the temporary files? Just like Android phone users, you can clear your iPhone memory. The best application to remove the temporary and cache files is “iCleaner.”

One of the Best Cydia applications for iOS is iCleaner which deletes cache files and all the temporary files that accumulate over time from an application you have installed. And even from applications you presumably deleted a while ago, helping you free up space.




These are the top 10 best Cydia applications for iOS devices in 2022. If you are looking for some new and exciting apps to customize your iPad or iPhone, be sure to check out these 10 great Cydia apps! These are just a few of the best ones worth checking out.

Thanks for reading!