Last Updated: Aug 02, 2022

Many things you do on Android devices will be linked to your Google account. For instance, you must stay signed in to view your saved contacts, access your emails through Gmail, and download or update applications from Google Play Store. In addition, without your Google account, your Android smartphone would function very differently and is essential to the entire experience. It might become rather difficult to manage with that much information. Learning how to delete all of that information from your phone is a good idea. So, how precisely can you uninstall Google from your device, and why would you want to do that?

Why Would You Want To Delete A Google Account?

Google has a lot of your personal data squirreled away. You might eventually want to exchange, sell, or give your device to someone else. Before you dispose of your smartphone, it’s a good practice to delete all your personal information. A factory reset is the best option in this situation, as it wipes your phone entirely and removes your Google account.

Furthermore, you might wish to delete any additional sign-ins you may have. It is incredibly simple to create an excess of old accounts you do not need anymore, especially if you share your device with another person. Additionally, it is beneficial to deactivate unused Google accounts as soon as you can because keeping them logged in can be a security concern.

What Happens If You Delete Your Primary Google Account?

A Google account is necessary for almost all things you do on Android. You will lose all access to Google apps and features for the account if you delete all Google traces from your phone. All of your messages, Google One cloud backups and emails as well as Play Store access, will be deleted until you sign back in. You won’t also be able use any other system features such as Google Pay, Nearby Share, and Find My Device.

Without a primary Google account, it might be complicated and tedious to use your Android smartphone. If you’re more tech-savvy, open-source apps and Google Play Services mods can help you make it happen.

How To Delete A Google Account On Your Android Device

Make a list of all the applications and log-ins connected to your Google account before deleting your Google account.

Step1:- Open the “Settings apps” and then click on “Password & Accounts.”

Step2:- Under the “Account for section,” click on the email address of the Google account you want to delete.

Step3:- Click on the “Remove account” button.

Step4:- Once you’ve reviewed the new popup, click “Remove account” to finalize your decision.

  • If you delete the only Google account from your device, you will be asked to enter your password or PIN before proceeding.


Delete A Google Account

Step5:- The chosen Google account has been entirely deleted from your device.

How To Delete All Google Accounts If You Want To Trade Or Sell Your Android Device

If you intend to sell or trade your android device, the simplest way to delete your Google Account is to do a factory reset, which will completely erase all data on your device.

Step1:- Open the “Settings app,” then go to “System,” then Click on “Reset options.”

Step2: Select the “Erase all data (factory reset)” option.

Step3:- Review the new popup, then select Erase all data to confirm your action.

  • You must first enter your password or PIN for security reasons in order to proceed.


Delete A Google Account

Step4:- The selected Google account will be deleted, and all data on your device will be erased.

You are now willing to sell, trade, or give your android device to someone else without worrying about your Google account.


If you want to remove your Google account from your Android phone, you can do so by following these simple steps. Also, you can delete multiple Google accounts by following the above steps. Just be sure to back up your data beforehand, as it will be deleted along with your account. Keep in mind that if you have multiple Google accounts, you will need to remove them all.

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