Last Updated: Sep 05, 2022


Imagine you have a new computer and need to reinstall Windows and other essential software. One expensive realization usually sets in: You no longer have the CD key that the installation process requires. What are you doing now?

How do you obtain what you need?

The issue is common but very simple to solve. However, it relies on the version of Windows that you have previously used and are attempting to reinstall as well as the type of software key you are trying to recover. Fortunately, there are various ways to get the codes.

For Windows Operating System

There are 3 most important places where you could find the all-crucial string of alphanumeric characters.

  • The First Place Is In The Registry Of Your Computer

Windows on any machine store its product key in the registry when you (or the manufacturer) install it on a machine. Although it will be encrypted, some programs can decode it. As long as the hard drive is working well, it does not matter the computer itself will not boot. In addition, to get the information you need, you can use another device to read the hard disc. This technique also works for Windows 7 and older versions.

  • The Second Place Is A Holographic Sticker On Your Computer

It is more common in ready-made CPUs and laptops to have this. An unfortunate disadvantage of these stickers is that they are prone to erasing by friction or tear & wear over time. It is a good idea to take photos of these stickers immediately so they can be used again in the future. Make sure you keep the sticker’s picture on a secure storage device.

  • The Third Place Is In The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Firmware

It is more common in the latest Windows versions, such as Windows 10 and 8. The user need not know the key. If you install the exact operating system version, it will install automatically.

It is convenient, but it only locks the device’s key.

For Video Games

You can recover your lost video games using a Blizzard, Steam, Uplay, or Origin account. Simply you need to log into the particular account and reinstall the game. The issue arises if you purchased the disc before the implementation of any of those were in effect. Some services offer the feature to register the software you bought as a physical copy. Even if the disc is lost, you can still reinstall the video games if you remember your account details.

Furthermore, additional key finder and key generator applications are available that you can use if you got your video game in cheaper and more convenient ways. They are the simplest approaches to obtaining what you require. You may not even need to download anything else because one typically comes with the download itself.

So there you have the keys! Now, you should not worry because you are aware of your options in the case physical copies of codes and keys are accidentally destroyed or lost.

For Microsoft Office Software

Many key finder applications can easily find the complete CD key of any MS Office software released before 2010. You can also try to use them for the latest versions. The main drawback of this technique is that it only finds the last 5 characters of the key.

Why? Microsoft has revised its anti-piracy policies, which have changed the storage of these codes.

Moreover, the best-case scenario for the latest versions is a legal purchase from Microsoft’s retail location or online shop. Otherwise, an Office 365 subscription would also work. With the help of the last 5 characters got through the key finder applications, you can effortlessly search your electronic documentation or email inbox for it. Additionally, a subscription eliminates the need for the code. You can reinstall the retail version of the software by logging into your Microsoft account. You can still view the software if you have already registered it, even if you misplaced or lost the key. The final option is to request Microsoft for a new key. Before you decide to ask Microsoft for another key, make sure that you have any proof of purchase.


It is easy to retrieve lost CD keys and codes. Following this article’s steps, you can quickly recover your lost CD keys or codes. Be sure to keep a backup of your CD keys and codes in a safe place so that you can easily retrieve them if needed in future use. So, don’t wait any longer; follow these steps and get your lost CD keys or codes today.

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