Last Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Google is constantly evolving and adopting new applications and artificial intelligence tools. The world experienced the worst COVID-19 pandemic, in which much of the world was in complete stagnation. It is incredible that in just one year, Google Duo and Google Meet hosted over 1 trillion minutes of video conferences and calls around the world.

This statistic alone demonstrates the pervasive importance of technological applications and their indisputable presence in people’s lives. Google created the Google Meet platform in 2020 to facilitate maximum efficiency in online chats and video calls. The COVID-19 pandemic suspended all physical businesses, except online companies, which continued to operate faster.

Surprisingly, the Google Meet gained an additional 3 million users in a single day during the peak of Coronavirus disease. This kind of innovation and performance necessitates a single, customer-centric platform that makes video conferences and calls as simple as possible.

As a result, Google is combining Google Meet and Duo into one application that offers more features, improves performance, and provides attractive benefits. Let’s look at the new features that Google Company brings to Google Duo due to the merger of Google Meet and Google Duo.

  • Google Company Merging: Google Duo And Google Meet

Google Duo and Google Meet enable millions of people across the world to have seamless conversations and video calls. Duo now offers many new features, including doodles, group calls for up to 32 persons, masks, fun effects, etc. In addition, Google Duo users can call on digital TVs, foldable tablets, and other digital devices.

It can be confusing for users to have two different apps for the same purpose, and choosing one over the other may be difficult. On the other hand, Google Company has added many latest features. There have been over 100 improvements and additions since 2020. The most popular features are virtual backgrounds, noise cancellation, live captions, auto-light adjust, and an intuitive interface.

Furthermore, for a better and more enriched experience, Google Company has brought all the Google Meet features to the Google Duo. This will make it easier for users to access all the amazing features via one platform, Google Duo. Google Duo will be renamed to Google Meet at the end of the year while keeping all of the Google Duo features.

  • Google Meet & Video Calling Functions

The world is undergoing a digital revolution, and video calling is one of the most important aspects of this period of transformation. Any company’s success depends on having a reliable, secure, easy-to-use way to communicate online. As a result, Google Company combines Google Meet and Google  Duo to create a seamless experience. Google Meet will enable users to join from any device at work, home, and school.

Aside from updates on Google Duo, this latest initiative to merge Google Duo with Google Meet will provide access for users of Google Duo to all the Google Meet features that were previously unavailable.

  • Single Solution For All Video Calls

There are thousands of video call applications worldwide in the infinite internet area.

Google Company has introduced these two applications with complete reliability and security. But their functions, features, and advantages are identical. It may cause customers to be undecided about whether or not to use this application.

Google Workspace’s head has correctly stated, “It is essential to understand how people make decisions and which tools they prefer depending on their purposes, benefits, and features.” So, the primary challenge is determining how individuals make decisions and providing them with the most convenient and ideal solution.

Google found the solution and solved the problem. Google Duo will soon be integrated with all the Google Meet features, and the name of Google Duo will change to Google Meet. Additionally, Google Meet retains all of the Google Duo features, including video calls to friends and family by phone numbers and email addresses. Google Assistant is also available for effects and fun filters.

Users can also save all their conversation history, messages, contacts, and other data in the application, making it easy to download it again. This feature is extremely helpful and easily accessible for an online community of tutors, businesses, and academies around the globe.


Google is merging Google Duo and Google Meet to provide a seamless video conference and video calling experience. In this digital age, having an online connection via a secure and advanced video application is very important. So, to eliminate all of the faults, Google combines the two applications and adds more outstanding features and updates.

Moreover, users may raise the size of video calls from 32 to 100, use in-meeting discussions, and even link video calls with other Google tools such as Messages, Google Calendar, and Gmail.