Last Updated: Jul 04, 2022


Maintenance Will Definitely Give You the Best Output

There are high chances that your laptop may be infected with germs. Regular cleaning will ensure that your notebook remains clean and prevents the possibility of infection.

It has been especially important in recent weeks that you clean your computer regularly. Because of the ongoing pandemic, CDC recommends cleaning your laptop and other surfaces regularly.

There are many options, but these guidelines will show you how to safely clean and decontaminate your computer.

How do I clean my laptop?

These supplies will be necessary before you can safely clean your laptop screen and keyboard.

The cloth feels very soft

Isopropyl-rubbing alcohol, or hand sanitizer

One cup of warm water

A rubber dust blower or compressed-air can

Hand gloves

#1. Prepare your laptop to be cleaned.

Turn off the laptop. If it’s plugged into a wall outlet you should disconnect it. If any other gadgets are connected, please unplug them. Also, please unplug any other gadgets that may be connected to your laptop.

#2. Clean the Laptop.

You can clean your laptop using a mixture diluted with water and alcohol. Alcohol is able to kill and disinfect viruses found on surfaces.

For your laptop cleaning solution, you will need to mix one cup (or so) of lukewarm but not too hot water in a container. Next, add 8-10 ml of rubbing alcohol to the water. To dampen the cloth, mix the cleaning solution with water.

Wipe the cloth dry to get rid of any excess water before it’s applied to the laptop.

#3. Clean your laptop screen.

Gently wipe the dampened cloth over your laptop’s cover, keyboard, keyboard, and screen. We recommend that you gently wipe your display in one direction while cleaning from its top to the bottom.

After your laptop is completely air dried, you can scrub any streaks off it with a microfiber cloth.

#4. Clean your laptop keyboard.

The keyboard is probably the most neglected part of your laptop. It needs extra cleaning. Gently wipe down the touchpad, keyboard, and keys with a damp cloth.

You can then use the rubber dust bender or compressed air can remove dust, crumbs, and other debris from the key areas. Consider cleaning the vents on your laptop while you are at it.

Before your laptop can be turned on, let it dry completely. Once everything has dried, your bacteria-free notebook can be used.


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