Last Updated: Mar 04, 2022

A series of explosions could hear in Kyiv city, the capital of Ukraine. The blast could listen to Friday morning because the Russian forces continued their attack. The Associated Press reporters heard some explosions across the various parts of the town. Russia began a massive attack on Ukraine in the early hours of Thursday. The Russian military unleashed airstrikes, especially on military and civilian bases. Also, Russia sent tanks and troops from three sides in an assault to alter the global post-Cold War security order. The Ukrainian government appealed for help as people packed into cars and trains to escape.

Many Ukrainians, both soldiers and civilians, equally lost their lives during the whole day of fighting. The Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv seemed to be more in danger. The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy claimed that the government had evidence that the “subversive group” were invading Kyiv’s city limits. Also, the U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Kyiv “could be under massive attack.”

Ukrainian forces were preparing for more attacks after suffering from the Russian bombardment of sea-and land-based missiles. The one senior from the U.S. defense official described the attack as the initial salvo in an upcoming multi-phase attack that aims to take over essential population areas and “decapitate” Ukraine’s ruling government.

In the past, as per the statement of Ukraine officials, the team lost control of the decommissioned Chernobyl nuclear power plant. This plant is the world’s most horrible atomic disaster. In launching the most significant ground conflict that has erupted in Europe ever since World War II, Russian President Vladimir Putin ignored global condemnation and spewed out new sanctions.

In a terrifying reference to Russia’s nuclear arsenal, he warned any nation that tried interfering with “consequences that you have never witnessed,” as a once-hoped for the diplomatic resolution was now impossible.

Currently, “Russia is in a path of devilishness. However, Ukraine is fighting back and will not give up its independence,” Ukraine President Zelenskyy tweeted. The power of the Ukraine President’s grip is becoming weak; he appealed for harsher sanctions than those imposed by Western allies and called for an all-out military mobilization that would last for 90 days.

Ukraine president Zelenskyy declared in a video message that 137 heroes, including 10 military officers killed and 316 people were injured. The dead include all border guards from the Zmiinyi Island in the Odesa region seized by Russian forces. The president concluded his speech by stating that “the fate of Ukraine is entirely dependent on our security forces, and all of our defense forces.” The president also noted that the country heard from Moscow that “they would like to discuss the neutrality status of Ukraine.”

The U.S. President Joe Biden announced new sanctions on Russia, stating that Putin “chose this war” and had displayed the “sinister” perception of the world where nations decide their own decisions by force. Other countries also announced sanctions or stated that they will soon. Antony Blinken is, an American government official, stated in TV interviews that he believed Russia wanted to topple the Ukrainian government. Also, he is telling CBS TV  that Putin would like to “reconstitute the Soviet empire.”

In fear of the possibility of a Russian attack on Kyiv’s capital, thousands of people were underground as the night fell, clogging the subways stations in Kyiv. “Nobody believed that the war would begin and they would be able to take Kyiv immediately,” said Anton Mironov as he waited out the night at one of the former Soviet Metro stations. “I am feeling mostly tired. Nothing feels real.”

The attack began on Thursday morning with a string of missile attacks, mainly targeted at key military and government facilities and swiftly followed by a triple-pronged ground attack. Ukrainian officials and the U.S. officials said Russian forces were fighting from the east, towards Kharkiv, the second-largest city in Ukraine in the south region of Crimea, which Russia took over in 2014, and from Belarus towards the north.

After a few hours of a tough battle, Russian forces took control of the now-abandoned Chernobyl plant and its exclusion zone just after the fierce fight was declared. The presidential adviser Mykhailo Polyak said to The Associated Press.

Ukraine informed the International Atomic Energy Agency of the acquisition, and there were “no injuries or damage at the industrial production site,” according to the Vienna-based agency.

The disaster of 1986 occurred when the nuclear reactor plant located 130 kilometers (80 miles) north of Kyiv was destroyed, releasing the radioactive cloud over Europe. The damaged reactors are covered with a protective shell to stop leaks.

Alyona Shevtsova, the adviser to the Ukrainian commander of ground forces, wrote on Facebook that the staff members in the Chernobyl plant were “taken as hostages.” According to the White House, it was “outraged” by the news of detentions.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense issued an update that stated that although this plant is “likely to be taken,” the country’s forces could stop Russia’s progress towards Chernihiv. It was doubtful that Russia could meet its Day One military objective.

The head member of the NATO alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, said the “brutal attack” caused chaos in Europe. He joined the crowd of global leaders condemning an attack that could result in massive losses and even overthrow the democratically elected Ukrainian government. The conflict has shaken global markets for financial stability: Stocks plummeted, and oil prices rose amid fears that heating bills and food prices could skyrocket.

The British Premier Boris Johnson said he aimed to isolate Russia completely from U.K.’s financial markets when he announced sanctions. He also told blocking the assets of the largest Russian banks and planned to stop Russian firms and the Kremlin from borrowing money from British markets.

Joe Biden said that the U.S. sanctions would target Russian banks, state-owned companies, high-tech industries, and oligarchs. Russian natural gas and oil exports are crucial sources of energy for Europe. They do not intend to disrupt energy markets across the world.


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