Last Updated: Jan 06, 2022

The Apple ecosystem may be its most valuable asset company has, besides its brandname. So it was a cause for concern when Google recently announced plans to replicate a number aspects of its ecosystem.

While certain Apple fans were outraged by what they perceived as an egregious imitation from Apple functions, my perspective of this as great to Android and iPhone users alike.

Google continued to outline its plans to permit Wear OS smartwatches unlock Chromebooks as well as to implement Spatial Audio.

Of of course, Apple has borrowed from Android the same way that Google took a loan from Apple So neither is likely to be awed or upset when this sort of thing occurs. But the amount of this re-use is clearly the most aggressive Google has ever been on its part. In Tim Cook\’s shoes I would probably be at the very least a bit annoyed.

For an Apple customer I\’m happy. I love the Apple environment is the main motive for using Apple\’s devices and is among the primary reasons why people choose to migrate from Android However, we\’ve all heard that things do not always work completely

I continue to utilize Dropbox instead of iCloud since it is faster to sync. Sometimes, I have the need to paste, copy, or send text messages to myself whenever I want to quickly switch between my devices. Handoff has yet to be handed off. The Apple Watch generally unlocks my Mac however there are instances that it states it\’s unlocking, but it fails, and there are times when my Mac refuses to acknowledge that I have a Watch. It\’s possible to go on and on, as I\’m sure you could.

If Google is able to provide similar benefits to the Google/Chromebook ecosystem, it creates a lot of stress on Apple to perform two things include new benefits for the ecosystem to stay aheadof the curve, as well as improve the efficiency and reliability of the current ones. This is a win-win for all and we\’re excited to see it happen.


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