Last Updated: Dec 03, 2021

WhatsApp is working on a new feature to control the speed of audio messages. It said that the feature is similar to controlling the speeds of voice messages. The company had in May introduced the ability to allow users to control the speed of voice messages. The feature is now being extended to audio messages. According to WhatsApp, users can change the speed of voice messages up to 1.5x or 2x. Voice messages are different from audio messages. An audio message is a voice note forwarded by the users or any other audio file not recorded by the users while sending. In other words, audio messages are forwarded voice notes. According to reports, the feature is likely to be made available to WhatsApp users on Android. Is unlikely to be introduced on iOS. WhatsApp is believed to be testing the feature on iOS.

When users forward a voice note, the recipients can\’t control the speed of the file. Users cannot speed up or lower the speed of the file. There is no playback button. WhatsApp said that it will add a new button for the feature soon. Reports say that WhatsApp will have to make a small addition to an existing tool to enable the feature. The feature to control the speed of audio messages is currently being tested by the company in a recent beta version. The company wants to iron out possible complications users may face on the stable version. Therefore, the company is testing the feature before releasing it for public use. WhatsApp said that it will increase users\’ interest. It is touted to be a handy option.

Meanwhile, the instant messaging app is working on a couple of new features. It recently launched a new tool to allow users to customize stickers for web and desktop users. The tool is called Sticker Maker. Users can access the tool in a chat window. They can import an image to create a sticker. Users can outline and crop it into a sticker. They can also add emojis or words to the sticker. The messaging app also introduced Flash Calls and Message Level Reporting. They are new safety features by the company. The features let users have better control over their usage.