Last Updated: Jan 13, 2022

In October, Ken Pillonel, a robotics engineer, successfully switched the Lightning port to USB-C on the iPhone X. A second iPhone X has now been modified in the exact same manner. Gernot Jobstl, the creator of this iPhone X, says that the port has been strengthened and made waterproof. This device, which is claimed to be the first waterproof USB-C iPhone in the world, will soon be available for purchase.

Gernot Jobstl shared a YouTube video of the iPhone X he modified using a USB-C port. He was inspired to create the first USB-C iPhone by Ken Pillonel last fall. He also noted that Pillonel’s GitHub page assisted in creating this waterproof USB-C iPhone X.

Jobstl claims that he also made it waterproof. He also created a new part – made from 20% carbon fiber – to support the USB-C module on the iPhone X.

Jobstl also noted that he used super glue after soldering the USB connector. This, in Jobstl\’s words, means \”it doesn’t look so nice.\” However, you won\’t see the internal wiring. It is possible to see some of the super glue from the outside that helps keep the USB-C port protected.

Jobstl wants to continue projects like these, so to finance them, he\’ll start selling the waterproof USB-C iPhone through eBay on January 19.

This could lead to a higher price, as Pillonel\’s USB C iPhone X sold back in November for $86,000. Jobstl has not yet shared the price of the initial product.

Apple\’s future port plans for iPhone are not clear. Instead, it will likely shift from Lightning to a portless design.