Last Updated: Jan 23, 2023

US-based pharmaceutical firm Moderna Inc. has recently declared that a late-stage clinical trial has discovered that its new messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus has been proven to be nearly 83.7 percent efficient in averting at least two symptoms of the disease in old people who are 60 years and above. People infected with RSV show symptoms similar to a common cold and the infection can result in death among young kids and elderly people. As per the data, RSV leads to around 14,000 fatalities each year among elderly people who are around 65 years old. During this fall, the flu, RSV, and COVID-19 infection surged across the U.S. and Europe. At present, there is no vaccine is available for older adults in the market. However, pharma companies such as Pfizer Inc., GSK Plc., and Moderna are trying to release their RSV vaccines first. GSK and Pfizer already submitted their applications for regulatory approval in the United States last year. Experts claim that Pfizer’s RSV vaccine showed around 66.7 percent potency against two or more symptoms of RSV infection in late-stage clinical trials. The officials from Moderna Inc. have said that their experimental messenger RNA shot for the respiratory syncytial virus is highly effective in mitigating the odds of severe RSV infection.

On the other hand, Sanofi and associate AstraZeneca Plc’s antibody therapy known as nirsevimab as well has obtained marketing approval from the European Commission for the prevention of RSV in infants and newborn babies. At present, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reviewing this antibody therapy developed by Sanofi and AstraZeneca Plc. The officials of Moderna have said that the company is planning to apply for regulatory approval of its vaccine called mRNA-1345 worldwide in the first half of this year itself. The president of the firm, Stephen Hoge, has said that the vaccine relates favorably to the new Pfizer and GSK vaccines. He has said that nearly 84 percent effectiveness of the company’s shots is remarkable. As per an analyst named Tyler Van Buren, the worldwide RSV vaccine market might be estimated to be valued at $10 billion and half of this will be generated in the US itself. The study conducted by Moderna has enrolled around 37000 participants in the age range of 60 years and above. The data assessment was done after 64 participants were found to be infected with RSV. The officials of the firm have said that the company is planning to publish the full data at a medical meeting.

The president of the firm, Stephen Hoge has claimed that the firm has started the secondary analysis on the efficacy of the vaccine against more serious infections and hospitalization. He has said that it is too soon to release a potential price range for the experimental vaccine. The vaccine is predicted to be given to people on a yearly basis. Health experts who have been involved in the data analysis have said that the vaccine has been found to be safe. The vaccine is associated with some most common side effects such as injection-site pain, headache, and fatigue., Stephen Hoge has claimed that the company’s experimental RSV vaccine is not linked to any complications related to myocarditis, which is a form of heart inflammation. Earlier mRNA COVID vaccines were linked to myocarditis.



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