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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2022

SpaceX has announced the launch of their $500 per month \”Premium Starlink Service\” with speeds of up to 500 Mbps. This service is meant to provide affordable high-speed internet access, without the need for expensive cables and wires, along with a plethora of other benefits. In order to provide this service, SpaceX has spent over $6 billion in research and development costs.

The service is set to launch on March 29th. In order to use the service, subscribers will need a satellite internet dish and a receiver that plugs into the wall. Currently, there are no exact details as to how much it will cost for those who already have a traditional satellite dish installed on their home. The SpaceX satellite network is expected to offer data rates at least an order of magnitude higher than those offered today, and will also offer a higher quality connection at a much lower cost.

The Verge reported that SpaceX has introduced a new tier of Starlink satellite internet service. It offers better performance but has a higher price. It is called Starlink Premium and offers speeds of 150 to 500Mbps with 20-40 milliseconds latency. This compares to 50 to 250Mbps which has the same latency. The upload speeds go up from 10 to 20Mbps with the standard plan to 20-40Mbps with Premium.

Five times the price will get you a performance boost of approximately twice. However, it\’s worth five times as much. Starlink Premium will run you $500 per month, compared to $99 for the standard plan. To reserve the Premium dish, you will also need to pay $2,500 for the antenna, other hardware, and a $500 deposit.

SpaceX stated that the new service will be more reliable in extreme weather conditions and that customers will receive priority 24/7 support. It is likely to be the only high-speed internet option in remote areas, and weatherproofing may prove useful.

SpaceX had announced Starlink\’s beta release last October. recently unveiled a rectangular satellite dish, which is much smaller than the original round. SpaceX stated that the new Premium antenna is larger than the original round one and \”helps ensure bandwidth to critical operations even when network usage is high.\”

Starlink had launched more than 2,000 satellites by mid-January. has approximately 1,500 currently in operational orbit. Up to 4,408 satellites are authorized in the current system, which is more than triple the number currently. Orders for the Premium Tier are now open. Delivery will begin in Q2 2022.


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