Last Updated: Sep 09, 2022


How Is Business Intelligence Transforming The IGaming Industry?

Online gambling has seen a significant increase in popularity over the past few years, with many current and brand-new operators taking advantage of technological improvements to join the club almost daily.

Customers can access most online casino games, sportsbooks, and gambling websites from any location, at any time, by simply tapping a screen, thanks to ongoing mobile and web technology advancements.

Due to the intense rivalry for gamblers’ spending, operators must work hard to secure a market share and employ a wide range of advertising and marketing strategies to drive as much traffic as possible to their games. They can also use external systems to aid them, such as Business Intelligence.

Furthermore, Grand View Research, Inc. has released a report that shows Business Intelligence is only one segment of the more considerable global artificial intelligence (AI) market. It is projected to grow to around $41 billion by 2030. This market growth is due to consumer interaction through several platforms and the growing use of advanced AI technology.

This growth has been attributed to increasing customer demand due to the Coronavirus disease pandemic; online habits, AI-powered consumer support services, and lower costs associated with chatbox technology have all aided in this expansion.

The iGaming industry aims to take advantage of Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence as other companies see it as a means to grow their company. Operators of online casinos and sportsbooks must employ the proper procedures to run their business, just like any other business.

Additionally, Business Intelligence provides them with the tools they need to achieve this goal. While business intelligence encompasses a variety of facets, data gathering and analytics make up the majority of it, which is a huge benefit for online casino firms looking to enhance their services.

What Purposes Does Business Intelligence Use?

It’s easy to see how Business Intelligence can be used in the iGaming industry. It begins with the company’s first step toward obtaining a license from the appropriate authorities to run their business.

iGaming businesses need a license to operate honestly and transparently in order to provide their services to online gamblers, and this license needs to be updated regularly. Additionally, online gaming businesses must provide complete and precise reports of their operations to the authorities as part of the renewal process. BI may greatly assist by promptly delivering reliable and accurate data.

Furthermore, Once iGaming companies are established and full-fledged, they can employ BI to gain a competitive edge over rival businesses by collecting data about their users. This includes details about why gamers can only play selected games and not others, as well as the kinds of games that most of their users enjoy playing.

They can make the most of the information by directing their users toward particular games that they know will yield higher profits. They can add to this by ensuring that casino bonuses are provided to potential consumers in a way tailored to their preferences.

Moreover, the iGaming industry may offer specific discounts and bonuses on activities they know each client appreciates by tracking players’ gaming habits from their first visit. This makes subsequent visits enjoyable and beneficial for both the business and the customer.

This is where things really start to get interesting.

Offer A Personal Gaming Experience

One simple and essential way the iGaming sector can use Business Intelligence is by offering personalized bonuses to potential clients, like those outlined above. But what procedures are in place to make that possible? Let’s quickly review a few of them before going into more detail about the personalized bonuses and offers.

  • Mobile Analytics

The technological advances in mobile play have greatly benefited the iGaming sector. In addition, it was valued at $79.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow rapidly as more people use mobile devices across the globe. Companies in the iGaming industry can use Business Intelligence to learn more about the mobile devices that their consumers are using to access their services, which enables them to build new products.

  • Analysis Of Player Location

To improve its expansion strategies, the iGaming sector must use Business Intelligence to identify the locations of particular online spins, bets, and slots. Online sportsbooks and casino websites want to make their platform available to as many regions as possible throughout the world. Having this information can assist them in this endeavor.

  • Develop Enticing Games

Like other industries, the gambling sector also knows that consumer loyalty is a key component of their gaming experience and employs BI to increase the number of customers who use the most appealing bonuses and offers. They also develop slots and games using the same technologies that attract more attention in several ways, including their gameplay and graphic appeal. The most lucrative casino games are those gamblers play frequently.

  • Special Bonus Favorites

The majority of iGaming businesses provide free bets, free spins, and no-deposit bonuses to existing and new customers. These platforms use Business Intelligence to collect accurate information and offer the correct type of promotion to attract players.

Future Trends In BI (Business Intelligence)

The primary business intelligence trend will be the capacity to identify future trends in the iGaming sector consistently. Additionally, it can provide reliable analytics that can help identify future and present trends regarding consumers’ gambling habits. This allows iGaming companies to continuously update their platforms and games in order to stay ahead of competition platforms.

Moreover, the primary driving force in the iGaming sector is income and profit, just like in any other industry. As we’ve seen in this article, BI offers organizations accurate and trustworthy information in various ways to assist them in making the best decisions for their company.


Business intelligence is essential for iGaming companies to create a customized customer experience. It is a great way to improve customer retention and loyalty by understanding customers’ needs and preferences. Gaming businesses can create a more personalized experience that is unique and tailored to every customer. This is important for the iGaming industry because customers are likelier to return and recommend a gaming site if they feel they are being treated special. Also, this can lead to increased profits and a more decisive competitive advantage in the iGaming sector. As a result, using Business Intelligence can help businesses in the iGaming industry thrive and be more successful.