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Wednesday, 16 January

COMMENT: There’s no place for transphobia in the press

Usually a Fleet Street favourite amongst left-leaning readers, the Observer came under fire last weekend as one of ...

Tuesday, 4 December

COMMENT: What does Leveson mean for future journalists?

As a third year undergraduate studying magazine journalism, the release of the Leveson Report last week has led me ...

Monday, 8 October

COMMENT: Jimmy Saville saga lands the BBC in hot water

After a summer of success with London 2012, the BBC finds itself in troubled waters and will be sweating quite a ...

Tuesday, 18 September

COMMENT: The Royals aren’t so picture perfect this year

The media are at it again! Less than a month after the Prince Harry photos, another Royal has been targeted, ...

Thursday, 6 September

Broken Down: The London Met University debacle

Recent news has emerged about the London Metropolitan University having its rights to host international students ...

Thursday, 23 August

COMMENT: Why Prince Harry should be left alone

It seems with every step that Harry takes in life; everyone has something to say about it. Whatever he does, he ...

Thursday, 9 August

COMMENT: Is London 2012 a triumph for the BBC?

The London 2012 Olympic Games has been on the lips of the nation for the past seven years. When something as big as ...