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Thursday, 9 May

COMMENT: Lad culture? Guys, rethink your stereotype

Are you a real man? Do you ask your girlfriend to make you sandwiches? Did you insist on obedience to the rules of ...

Tuesday, 25 September

COMMENT: Pro-life protests and free speech

A relatively quiet pro-life protest outside a Brighton abortion clinic has sparked a nationwide debate about the ...

Monday, 10 September

COMMENT: Why all the interest in Pinterest?

I have an interest in Pinterest – the newest social networking site that lets you ‘pin’ pictures ...

Friday, 31 August

COMMENT: Would Martians really jam to Will.i.am?

Last November, NASA launched a rocket into space carrying a very important piece of equipment indeed. The rocket in ...

Friday, 24 August

COMMENT: Who’s at fault for the drop in A-Level grades?

On the 16th of August, A-Level results were released, and for the first time in two decades, the amount of top ...

Monday, 9 July

COMMENT: Michael Gove, I propose a compromise

Recently, Michael Gove – the Secretary for Education put forward plans to scrap standard GCSE exams in favour of ...