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Thursday, 9 May


Do you remember the last time you were a genuine tourist? And I don’t mean a drunken weekend in Ibiza or a hazy ...

Thursday, 25 April

The SQ Showcase: April ’13

The winter is finally over! But while we may have survived the treacherous conditions, thousands of sheep did not. ...

Wednesday, 27 March

The SQ Showcase: March ’13

The final quarter is coming to a close and Easter is just around the corner. Shame about the weather though because ...

Monday, 25 February

The SQ Showcase: February ’13

The month of February may be drawing to a close and Valentine’s Day seems like a distant memory, but ...

Monday, 18 February

REVIEW: Tourist – Tonight EP

As the album art might suggest, the latest EP from Brighton/London act Tourist offers a slightly darker and more ...

Thursday, 31 January

The SQ Showcase: January ’13

With the festive period having rolled off into the wintery sunset for another 12 months and everyday challenges ...