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Tuesday, 26 November

George Galloway: “My role as Blair’s nemesis in this world has mass support”

Since leading the anti-war movement during the start of the Iraq conflict ten years ago, George Galloway has become ...

Thursday, 14 November

COMMENT: We shouldn’t look to ban zero-hours contracts

‘You will not be working this week ☺’ reads an employer’s text message to a worker on a zero-hours contract ...

Tuesday, 14 May

COMMENT: Oxbridge’s application bias stems from ignorance, not racism

It was fifty years ago that Martin Luther King announced his dream of racial equality to the world. It was a dream ...

Friday, 19 October

COMMENT: Like the bankers, we’ve all wanted to gamble

Banker bashing has become the latest trend these days – the political equivalent of the mass reading of Fifty ...

Wednesday, 23 May

COMMENT: What do the NHS reforms mean for us?

What struck me most is that even after the NHS reforms had been in the public pipeline for some time, I still ...

Thursday, 2 February

COMMENT: How do we prevent the riots repeating?

As the report of the first investigation into the August riots was published, the widespread unrest that struck the ...

Sunday, 26 June

COMMENT: Liberty, Justice and the Arab Revolution

Liberty, justice and change. These are the three ideas that the oppressed Arab world has for generations fought ...

Monday, 2 May

COMMENT: May 5th – Time to shake up our Democracy!

So the big political debate on everyone’s lips at the moment is whether or not we should say ‘yes’ or ...

Sunday, 17 April


SQ’s political correspondent, Josh Babarinde, offers his take on what the future holds for the UK following ...