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A woman from East Grinstead has painted a mural of Drake

Posted on Monday, 7 April by

Drake Mural

An artist from East Grinstead has painted a mural of Canadian rapper Drake and some of his known associates and family members, despite not knowing who he was only a couple of months ago.

Portrait painter Jane Indigo Moore who “didn’t have a clue who he was at first” was approached by a friend of Drake to produce the piece, that measure in at 3.5ft by 4.5ft, as a surprise gift.

Having not heard of the chart-topping rapper, Jane went about researching the Canadian crooner’s music. Speaking to the East Grinstead Courier, Jane said:

I did a search of him and in the end I realised he was quite well known. I was commissioned to do the painting by a guy from Manchester who said he needed some work for a celebrity friend. The shock wasn’t so much who got in touch, but why he got in touch.”

Jane begun work on the piece in January with only a handful of small pictures of Drake, his friends and family and over the course of the couple of months she worked on the piece grew to become familiar with his music.

“I have done a portrait for a family of five before, but this is the biggest portrait piece I’ve ever done. The only similar thing is when I was commissioned to paint a huge portrait of 2Pac [on the wall of one of his fans] and he played me some of his music.

“I think Drake has a similar style and I actually like some of his songs. I prefer the melodic stuff and there’s a couple he’s done with Rihanna which I like. I have learnt a lot more about him. He’s clearly someone who inspires loyalty and he’s loved dearly by everyone in the piece.”

However, Jane admitted it wasn’t easy to finish to such a tight deadline “for the last month I was pretty much chained to the easel to make sure I got it finished in time for his UK tour in March. I hope when he’s not too busy with touring I might get a bit of feedback.”

After completion the work was handed over to the currently unnamed client in Manchester, where the work was eventually flown out to Drake’s LA residence.

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Lewis Scrafton
22. Co-founder and editor of SQ Magazine. Studying at University of Sussex. Interned at MATTER and published in The Guardian.

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