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WATCH: Jeremy Paxman grills David Willetts on tuition fees

Posted on Tuesday, 1 April by

Universities minister David Willetts has become the latest high-profile Newsnight guest to be torn apart by Jeremy Paxman, this time on the issue of whether the Conservative-led tuition fee system actually works.

Tuition fees have come under the radar yet again in the last week, with Labour leader Ed Miliband rumoured to be pledging to scrap £9,000 tuition fees in his next manifesto.

The gossip comes after suggestions that the cost of unpaid student loans will soon cancel out the money raised by the coalition government’s highly-controversial decision to triple tuition fees to £9,000 per year.

After Paxman asked Willetts to define the point at which the current repayment system becomes untenable, a fumbling Willets said:

Well…because I don’t really think that there’s a kind of number than answers your question…the £9,000 fee or whatever it is, is all going to the education of the student. The student is actually getting more funding behind his or her education now.”

Tuition Fees cartoon

Ross Asquith for The Guardian gives a sharp analysis of this week’s developments.

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