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Track of the Week: Tigercub – Blue Blood

Posted on Friday, 11 April by

Tigercub - Blue Blood

Anybody who has seen Tigercub will remember the gig; not just because of frontman Jamie Hall’s enormous stature but also because of their feral approach to music. It’s not quite an assault on the ears but you’ll immediately know whether or not this is your cup of tea.

The three-piece are now due to release their debut single via Raygun Records. And as you can expect from a single, some of that ferocity has been refined a little. Don’t worry though, Tigercub haven’t gone soft and cuddly. With Dinosaur Pile-Up’s Matt Bigland involved in the production, such a transition would never be allowed.

Instead, ‘Blue Blood’ retains much of the vitality present in their early material but there’s more direction to the fuzzy onslaught. Before, you were thrown around the mosh pit without a choice. Now, you’re cajoled in then thrashed about with surprising consideration and you’re even allowed a few breaks too. At times, you might even call this catchy.

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