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WATCH: Student president campaign video parodies The Wolf Of Wall Street

Posted on Wednesday, 12 March by

Tommy Bolger, a student at the University of Limerick running for president of the students’ union has released a hilarious student elections campaign video.

In an effort to ride on the coattails of one last year’s most popular films ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’, Bolger assumes the role of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character and original ‘wolf’ Jordan Belfort.

Dubbed ‘The Wolf of UL Students’ Union’ Bolger replaces the dizzy heights of Wall Street for the rather more humble student life swapping the white powder scenes for sherbert DibDabs and instead of bribing federal officers it’s the grade appeals committee. Noticing a pattern?

The parody ‘wolf’ Tommy Bolger begins the video as he means to go on:

My name is Tommy Bolger. The year I turned 22 I made €8 an hour, which really pissed me off because I had to eat beans and toast for dinner four days a week.’

Frankly, if that doesn’t speak to students on their level we don’t know what does. Since being uploaded on Tuesday, the video has racked up over 30,000 views and if those numbers are anything to go by, Limerick will have a president even Scorcese would be proud once the polls shut at the end of the week.

Tommy Bolger

A similar video that came out in December of last year from Loughborough University’s student union, depicted their sabbatical officers singing along to Naughty Boy’s “La La La”. If you haven’t watched it yet, you really should.

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