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Ed Miliband hints at “radical” overhaul for tuition fees if Labour win in 2015

Posted on Tuesday, 25 March by

Miliband tuition fees

Labour leader Ed Miliband has claimed that a government under his leadership would make a “radical offer” on student tuition fees if he becomes Prime Minister at the general election in 2015.

Speaking during an appearance on ITV’s ‘The Agenda’ last night – think Question Time without audience participation, great guests or heavy political debate – Miliband criticised the current tuition fees system and hinted that Labour have an answer.

Sitting on a panel that included David ‘Three Lions’ Baddiel, Miliband said:

Young people feel they have no control because they are going to get into mountains of debt if they go to university. We do want a radical offer on tuition fees because the future of our young people – something totally absent from this Budget – is a massive issue that our country faces.”

Miliband’s choice to revisit the issue of tuition fees seems rather well timed. Last weekend, it emerged that new estimates suggest that the cost of unpaid student loans will soon cancel out the money raised by the coalition government’s highly-controversial decision to triple tuition fees to £9,000 per year.

Labour sources have flagged up Miliband’s comments last night as “significant” and “worth listening to”, fuelling speculation that Labour will be unveiling graduate tax as an alternative to tuition fees as part of the manifesto for 2015.

In an article for New Statesman, George Eaton notes that Miliband argued for a graduate tax in Labour’s 2010 leadership contest and he reiterated that position in an interview last year.

Tuition Fees

Abolishing tuition fees? Haven’t we heard this somewhere before…

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