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Darth Vader is running to become president of Ukraine

Posted on Monday, 31 March by

Just when you thought that things in Ukraine couldn’t get much worse, the Lord of Darkness – Star Wars villain Darth Vader – has announced that he’ll be running for the country’s presidency.

The Sith Lord – famous for his attempts to crush rebellion freedom fighters in the galactic film franchise – has been chosen as the candidate for the Ukrainian Internet Party (UIP), which has become famous for attention-hungry stunts and counter-culture politics.

In a party statement, Darth Vader told the Empire Ukraine public:

I alone can make an empire out of a republic, to restore former glory, to return lost territories and pride for this country.”

Vader has become a recognisable figure during Ukraine’s recent political struggle, regularly protesting in Kiev and leading several marches to Independence Square. Last November, Stormtroopers carried Darth Vader to Odessa, where he declared himself the new mayor.

The UIP has reportedly coughed up $225,000 fee to register Vader as a legit candidate and the world’s most unlikely president has demanded a plot of land to park his Death Star.

Vitali Klitschko or Darth Vader for president? Over to you, Ukraine…

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Corey Pellatt
22-year-old editor of SQ Magazine and Media Studies student at the University of Sussex. Freelance writer for clients including BHAFC.

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