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WATCH: The world’s worst DJ set and crowd ever

Posted on Thursday, 27 February by

There’s no doubt a hefty amount of competition for this exalted title, but I think we can conclusively stop the search, we’ve found the world’s worst DJ set ever.

Held at last year’s Dreamhack event, a three day computer gaming festival with a DJ competition affixed rather awkwardly alongside it proudly boasts of being alcohol and drug free. Which may go some way in explaining the crowd not being at their best for this poor guy who’s really putting himself out there.

In what could be described as a crime against humanity, this Swedish Trance DJ literally dies on his feet, resorting to constantly and awkwardly fistpumping the air in the hope it will save him. It doesn’t.

In case you actually enjoyed that, here’s the tracklist:

0:00 Da Tweekaz – Become
0:26 Cuts to Audiofreq – Lose Control 2.0 (ALX-Sharty vs Escaflown Remix)
3:35 Frontliner – For the people
4:35 Frontliner – Keep it up

Worst DJ set ever

Watch the best example of “Hands-free DJing” we’ve ever seen.

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