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WATCH: There’s now a real life version of Flappy Bird

Posted on Thursday, 20 February by

It’s time to ditch the hundreds of Flappy Bird clones that have exploded all over the App Store. Harvard graduate Fawn Qiu has finally created something to rival the addictive nature of Dong Nguyen’s original: Flappy Bird in a box.

Instead of mourning the passing of Flappy Bird, Qiu has made the most of her background in arts and technology. She’s thrown together two servo moters, an Arduino board, a switch and a few magnets to recreate a live action game of Flappy Bird.

Speaking to Business Insider, Fawn Qiu said:

Because I work with a lot of digital games and apps, I wanted to combine my two interests and make a physical version of the digital game and potentially use the project as a teaching tool for a wider audience. I also love Flappy Bird despite being a terrible player.”

From what we can see of the newest take on Flappy Bird, it’s just as difficult as the original with few players able to get beyond single digits.

Real life Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird: soon coming to a toy store near you.

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Corey Pellatt
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