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WATCH: Labour create spoof ‘David Cameron Facebook Movie’ to attack Tories

Posted on Wednesday, 12 February by

In the week since Facebook turned 10, we’ve seen an endless parade of parody ‘Look Back’ videos but this one by the Labour Party – attacking the policies of David Cameron – is probably the best yet.

Titled ‘A Look Back at a Tory Government’, the video highlights unpopular decisions taken by the government since coming to power in 2010 including the decision to hike tuition fees, cutting the rate of tax for billionaries and – most infamously of all – ‘pasty tax’.

With just over one year to go until the next General Election, this is the latest indication that much of the next campaign could be fought online.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, a Labour Party source reportedly said:

Viral ads are a good and cheap way of getting to our audience. We will be mailing this one out to supporters. We plan to use more of these viral ads in the run-up to the election – they’re cheaper and more effective and reach a new audience.”

More than 200 million Facebook users created their own ‘Look Back’ videos, which were launched last week as part of Facebook’s tenth anniversary celebrations.

Flappy Dave

We’re already waiting for Labour to release ‘Flappy Dave’.

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