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I Want to be an MP: Could a student join the Commons?

Posted on Thursday, 27 February by

I want To Be An MP

In ‘I Want to Be an MP’, SQ’s Corey Pellatt attempts to demystify the role of politicians and in response to growing disconnect between young people and Westminster, answers the question: can a young person really become a Member of Parliament?

Just months after Russell Brand’s headline-stealing revelations to Jeremy Paxman endeared him to a public that is growing tired of political scandal and contempt, this documentary will question just how deeply the general public shares Brand’s sentiment that all politicians are guilty of “lies, treachery and deceit”. Is abstaining from General Elections the best way to demonstrate public outrage? Is it possible to change politics from the inside? Could a young revolutionary change the course of our country via standing for election in 2015?

On his journey to find out what it takes for a young person to change UK politics, Corey speaks with Eastbourne and Willingdon Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Lloyd, a group of 16 year-olds who could take to the polls in 2015 and revolution-advocate Michael Segalov, a student activist who’s been the driving force behind the ‘Occupy Sussex’ campaign that captured the hearts and minds of students nationwide.

Listen to ‘I Want to be an MP’ above.

Speaking about Labour’s decision to select an 18-year-old candidate in Bath, Eastbourne and Willingdon MP Stephen Lloyd said:

“Dear God! What do I really think? I think that is such utter shit. If I was 18 and a political party chose an 18-year-old, who has no experience of life at all, to be an MP just because they’re 18…I wouldn’t vote. Even though I’m passionate about fairness and equality, that sort of tokenism literally makes me want to spontaneously combust. It’s just so unserious. But I also think Russell Brand talks rubbish…what was his plan? If we all don’t vote there’ll be a revolution? There won’t…you cretin!”

Would you vote for an 18-year-old to become MP?

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Corey Pellatt
22-year-old editor of SQ Magazine and Media Studies student at the University of Sussex. Freelance writer for clients including BHAFC.

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