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Track of the Week: Fear of Men – Alta/Waterfall

Posted on Friday, 28 February by

Track of the week – Fear Of Men - Loom

With a debut album imminent, everyone’s been in a mild pandemonium over Fear of Men’s trickle of tasters. It’s been a long time coming too for fans who’ve been following them since their formation in 2010.

Their brand of eerie dream-pop has been now carefully sculpted so that pop sensibilities radiate through their murky, lo-fi beginnings. ‘Alta’ will be the album’s chilling intro where ambient drones endeavor to unsettle you. When it seamlessly floats into “Waterfall”, you’re met by soaring melodies and Jessica Weiss’ spectral vocals while scratchy guitars maintain the ghostly atmospherics.

But don’t think that you might find it all too sinister. Beyond the foggy ambiance is a fragile pop song that yearns for attention. People are very excited about their debut album Loom, and with these tender tasters, it’s easy to see why.

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