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Thought Flappy Bird was hard? Play Flappy Doge

Posted on Monday, 10 February by


The mobile gaming sensation that is Flappy Bird may have flapped its wings for the last time after being pulled from app stores by its creator but its spirit lives on with a new tweaked incarnation, Flappy Doge.

It was inevitable wasn’t it? The number one app store game that had players smashing their mobiles left, right and centre has been shamelessly ripped off replacing the one-eyed bird with the internet-famous pixelated shiba.

Whilst we’re not keen on flagrant carbon copies of someone’s hard work, Flappy Doge is at least for now satisfying the fervent demand for the game.

Flappy Bird, the original game, took just two to three days to create, is now raking in nearly $50,000 a day in advertising revenue, Mr Nguyen said in an interview.

Players have been sharing pithy and humorous reviews of the game via Twitter and other social media platforms, recounting their exasperation at its apparently addictive qualities.

Its popularity grew even further when one YouTube channel with more than 22 million subscribers reviewed the game.

So wipe away those tears and get stuck into beating your high score of 10 and feel good about yourself once again… WOW. SO GAME. MUCH DIFFICULT. VERY FLAP.

Click to play Flappy Doge here.

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Lewis Scrafton
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