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Play this: Sesame Street Fighter

Posted on Monday, 17 February by

Sesame Street Fighter

Hats off Internet, even you may have outdone yourself here. If Flappy Bert wasn’t your thing, then Sesame Street Fighter undoubtedly will be, and you’ll even learn whilst you punch seven shades of **** out of the Cookie Monster.

Forcing two pop culture experiences rather unfairly together, this sure-fire hit and winter antidepressant mashup allows you to step inside what may be an entirely new genre of game: may we present to you the first ever “typing tutor/fighting game/TV franchise brainpuke”.

You can choose between an array of characters, with Cookie Monster as E. Honda, Grover as Dhalsim, and Animal as Blanka with each having their own set of words you have to frantically type out. Be prepared to whack out the touch typing…

Based off illustrations by DeviantARTist gavacho13, the character hybrids have essentially gone through a long, thought out and artistic process before reaching you in this full-scale production. Now that’s the sort of work we like to see.

Play ‘Sesame Street Fighter’ on Flavour Machine here.



GIFS via Prosthetic Knowledge

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