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Edward Snowden warns Oxford students of government corruption

Posted on Thursday, 20 February by

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has sent a video message to Oxford University students and warned them of the government secrecy and corruption that threatens to undermine democracy.

One of America’s most wanted men was talking to students in a pre-recorded video message, which was sent to the Oxford Union where an awards ceremony was being held to recognise Chelsea Manning’s “integrity in intelligence”.

In his four minute message, Snowden explained why the public and its governments are in disconnect:

The foundation of democracy is the consent of the governed. After all, we cannot consent to programmes and policies about which we are never informed. The decline of democracy begins when the domain of government expands beyond the borders of its public’s knowledge.”

Earlier this week, Snowden was elected as student rector at the University of Glasgow after 6,500 students turned out to vote, the highest recorded in modern times and double the votes of the previous year.

The role requires the post-holder to attend the university court, which administers resources, work with the students’ representative council, and to bring student concerns to the attention of university management – however it remains unclear how well the intelligence whistleblower will be able to fulfill his duties.

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Corey Pellatt
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