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Anonymous artist @DrawnYourTweet is randomly inking tweets

Posted on Monday, 17 February by

Drawn Your Tweet

Forget breaking news and anything serious for a minute, the Internet was built for more than that: including strangers drawing you pictures of stuff you’ve written.

@DrawnYourTweet most definitely falls into the category of: “I never would have guessed someone would think of that…” and also later “why?” – but parking those thoughts for now, let’s just admire the pen skills on show.

The anonymous artist’s bio reads:

Randomly(ish) inking your tweets. No requests; though preferences go out to followers, celebrities, astronauts, pirates and small dogs. In that order.”

Although unlikely to create waves in the art world just yet, the Twitter account has however garnered over 12,000 followers as of writing, with every single one of them waiting with baited breath for the next artistic creation.

Take a look their handy work thus far…

For more of the above, follow Drawn Your Tweet here.

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Lewis Scrafton
22. Co-founder and editor of SQ Magazine. Studying at University of Sussex. Interned at MATTER and published in The Guardian.

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