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10 ways modern football has changed the beautiful game

Posted on Tuesday, 25 February by

Ten Ways Modern Football

With last week’s all too unsurprising news that Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney had put pen-to-paper on a contract worth an outrageous £300,000 per week, we were all reminded just how much the beautiful game has changed in the Premier League era.

Football – as many of used to know it – no longer exists. Featuring obscene player wages and scandalous club chairmen, here are 10 ways that modern football has forever changed the beautiful game.

1. Liverpool’s main form of ball retention was outlawed in 1992. The back-pass rule was introduced meaning the goalkeeper couldn’t handle the ball after it had been kicked back to him by a team mate.

The Reds haven’t won the league since.

Liverpool 80s

Bring back Souness?

2. The hooligans became a lot less intimidating…

#awaydays #thefirm #freeadmissionforchildrenunder16

3. It became acceptable for professionals to wear pink…

Worst Kit 6

Amateurs weren’t so keen on the idea.

4. The concept of an unplayable pitch was introduced.

“After all who worries about snow and ice when they’re playing a match of this calibre?”

5. Arsenal players only win trophies on FIFA.

Feeling alright, Arsene?

6. Player’s pain thresholds have severely decreased.


But that’s not to say hard challenges aren’t welcomed

7. Player’s wages went through the roof.


WR: Is that Wayne Rooney or world’s richest?

8. Diving.

Sam Allardyce Chico Flores

We rest our case…

9. Vincent Tan is only the latest example of club owners ‘doing what they want’.

Vincent Tan

Remember when Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley hired Joe Kinnear to help strengthen their side and didn’t know how to pronounce any of the player’s names? Yeah, that.

10. And, eventually this had an effect on the players.

Cole shooting

What’s next?

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Chris Flynn

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