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WATCH: Russell Brand speaks at the Cambridge Union

Posted on Sunday, 19 January by

Russell Brand hit the headlines once again this week after the controversial comedian referred to students as ‘Harry Potter poofs’ during a much-anticipated appearance at the Cambridge Union Society.

While the press latched onto the throwaway remark as something which would allow them to tarnish Brand, now one of the UK’s most prominent political activists, students didn’t actually seem too bothered and it was the rest of his speech that left a lasting memory.

Russell Brand was there to discuss his political ideas, made infamous by his appearance on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman last year.

Russell Brand Cambridge Union

Speaking to Cambridge students, Brand said:

Attune yourself to truth…to when change begins. Give us something to vote for then we will vote for it. Give us a system that is truly representative. Use this education that you are receiving to bring about ideas that can benefit not just you but all of us.”

Hit play on the video at the top of the page to hear Brand – unedited – on subjects including religion, drug use and protest movements.

Photography courtesy of Chris Williamson.

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