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WATCH: Denim jeans company remakes American Psycho scene with hipsters

Posted on Saturday, 25 January by

Yes, if you’re a fan of the cult film American Psycho, that headline really is as scary as it sounds: hipsters, remake and corporate viral video production.

Based off the iconic scene where Patrick Bateman and his young, wealthy investment banker co-workers exchange business cards and a series of insincere compliments, this actually fairly well-produced remake swaps bankers for hipsters who instead obsess over the minute differences of each other’s denim jeans.

Jean Paul has mistaken me for this d*ckhead, Marcus Halberstram, because Marcus does the same thing I do, and he also rocks prison tatts. Although I have a slightly better beard.”

The end result is cringe-inducing but remarkably hilarious combination as the London creative agency Flickering Wall draw upon a surprising amount of similarities between yuppies and today’s hipsters.

For comparison, the original scene from the film interpretation of Brett Easton Ellis’ novel:

Let’s all hope the US TV remake’s better than this…

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Lewis Scrafton
22. Co-founder and editor of SQ Magazine. Studying at University of Sussex. Interned at MATTER and published in The Guardian.

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