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Twitter Reacts: Newly leaked Andy Gray and Richard Keys sexism footage

Posted on Friday, 31 January by

It seems very fortuitous timing that new footage of Andy Gray and Richard Keys should leak during the same week Gray’s made a triumphant return to our TV screens with BT Sport.

Almost as if it’s been stored in well-guarded vault for the right day to crop up, this new footage fed to us by The Football Ramble channel seeks to damage the football pundit duo further, with the pair throwing sexist jibes to past Sky Sports co-presenter Claire Tomlinson.

As ever, we’ve turned to Twitter to capture a sense of the public’s reaction to this latest scandal, with many calling out BT Sport to drop Gray after days in the job whilst others are claiming Gray as a “#Legend”.

“Biggest lad ever” or are their actions deplorable?

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Lewis Scrafton
22. Co-founder and editor of SQ Magazine. Studying at University of Sussex. Interned at MATTER and published in The Guardian.

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